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Everybody round the word
I salute you
if you’re gonna make it to the top
Soon as you do I wanna hear you say
here I am, and I told ya that I just wont stop

and when you see all your hater say
I see you
tryin your best to keep me from the top
and when you’re there
I wanna hear you say
here I am
and I told you that I just won’t stop

yeah, yeah, yeah
to everybody round the world
who feels like you been hated on
this songs for you
I’m reppin’ you because I made it on
still humble watch the billboard crumble
and watch the numbers on Vidstatsx tumble
now your face twisted cuz DeStorm’s doing well
my last names Power I can’t work at Taco Bell
people used to laugh like the baby in the background
get more views than SmackDown
tell who’s wack now
came from the gutta
the rain from the gutta
A hunger for the bread
and the talent is the butter
and you can do the same
have people shouting your name
don’t do it for the fame man
help me change the game man


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