Could’ve Been, Should’ve Been (Original) – Shilpa Narayan

So I’m super nervous about putting this up, but this is one of the songs that I’ve been working on for the EP that will be coming out sometime in Jan/Feb hopefully. Still needs to be mixed/mastered but definitely let me know what you think, I’d appreciate the feedback! Thanks for watching 🙂


Showing off your new girl
Tell me why, you gave up on us
Cause all we did
Yeah all we were
Tell me why, I cannot be her

She’s rolling in
Gliding through
It’s almost like, she knows she owns you
And you’re looking like
Such a fool
That’s not you, not the man I knew

And it doesn’t even matter it’s too late
Everybody knows you can’t change fate

Could’ve been, would’ve been, might’ve been, should’ve been
Maybe it could’ve worked, maybe it would’ve hurt
Look at what we could have been now, look at what we could have been

You’re calling her
To say gnite
Funny cause, you called me to fight
You take her out
All over town
But with me, you were not around

It’s clear to me
That you’ve moved on
Funny that, didn’t take so long
Cause you loved me once
And I loved you
But something changed, what more could I do

It’s time I recognized that you are gone
It’s time I found myself
I’m moving
I’m moving on



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