Rock, Rock, Rock – Traxamillion, Nump Trump, Thai Viet G, Drew Deezy

Uploaded by  on Oct 28, 2010
454 Life Entertainment presents the official music video for “Rock, Rock, Rock” performed by Traxamillion, Nump Trump, Thai Viet G, and Drew Deezy. Directed by GINOROCKS of 454 Films.

This song is from the compilation album “As Real As It Gets” — purchase it on our website or download it for $7.99 on Bandcamp at

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In 454 seconds
Imma be in molly heaven
She so fine she blow my mind
Party alll nite
Go home at 7
Ladieesz are u witt mee??
Felllas are u tipsey??!!?
if ya moneyss crispy put ur drink im tha aiiiiirrrrr
Pour another shot
Gooose on da rocks
Baby if ur hot
Let me see u take it off
We wont stop we wont stop
No tonite is so epiccccc!!!
The guestlist is closed
We wreckless and dnt caaareee!!!

sippin on this hennesey
breakin it down to the beat
baby feelin ecstasy
put ya body over me
i make ya feel the love
u want it throw it up
we gona rock all night

baby she love to party
she likes to get real naughty
its gettin hot in here watch her move her bbody
she break it down (down), right on the spot (spot)
she screamin hell yeah, she wants to rock rock

coca cola body shape
boomin like an 808
baby from the golden state
and she like to party late
body shots it wont stop
and she kiss the girls a lot
all i do is smile and watch
turn the party up a notch
Mi ti super sweet
i prefer the hennesy
rock rock, rock with me
shot shots they all on me
im pumpin up the energy
take a picture, memory
im poppin like some ecstasy
ill take you to ya fantasy

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