Red Light – Somong aka “SO”

Uploaded by theycallmeso on Feb 2, 2010

“Red Light”
Somong delivers another well written journey of “make-ups” and “break-ups”. Capturing an intriguing twist of a male’s point of view, the listener will begin to understand the fact that it’s not your typical journey. He begins by walking you through a witty plot, staged with emotional rifts, melodic harmonies, and a catchy chorus that will have you (surprisingly) humming this tune after the first listen. Paired with both, a youthful texture and an aged perception, he invites all couples to enjoy a “Red Light” paced moment where understanding and ego’s can mutually exist. This “Red Light” is where he hopes couples will learn to stop and think before they act. Off his up and coming project you can also hear more on

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