Poreotics :: USA :: Urban Dance Showcase :: 1st Performance

Uploaded by UrbanDanceShow on Jul 27, 2011
• Official Website: http://www.urbandanceshowcase.com
• Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/urbandanceshowcase

• Performance by Poreotics (USA)
• Cast & Choreography: Matt (Dumbo) Nguyen, Can Nguyen, Charles Nguyen, Lawrence (Law) Devera, Justin (Jet Li) Valles, Chad Mayate

• Show Director: Cj Zamani • Line Producer: Bettina Kraft • Film Production: Harris Hodovic, Theo Regas, Felix Felixine • Event Technology: Euro Sound • Special Thanks to: Dance Energy, MadeByHand, Dandy & Co, CodeAcht • The Urban Dance Showcase is a project to support the art of urban dance. Watch amazing performances by a top international cast from Europe, Asia and the USA. Styles: Choreography, Popping, Locking, HipHop, House, Breaking and more! Made in Germany • No Copyright infringement intended. I do not own this music.

• Official website: www.urbandanceshow.com

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