Sheba Shane

Sheba Shane is a product of Louisville, KY. Born in the same streets that raised Muhammad Ali she would go on to attend his alma mater, Central High School which lies in the heart of the city.

“I always had a way with words. Probably because I like to talk and I’m witty and no one was really speaking on topics that I felt needed to be addressed and just flat out weren’t being true to a real woman’s perspective so I just decided to do it myself.”

After graduating from Central, she went on to Hampton University to major in Broadcast Journalism. While attending college Sheba decided to take her love of language to the next level.

“It started as poetry at first. No flow, just words on paper. But as I started getting into it, I started to evolve and write to beats, and record. That’s when the swag came in, the confidence. Because of course I’m confident in conversation. But there was a comfort level there. Once I reached that with rap, it was over.”
Sheba has been featured on several mixtapes and compilations, including The Cunninlynguist’s KYliens and Major Dreamz: The Rise of an Independent Empire. She has been the opening act for such talented performers as Devin the Dude, Young Bleed, The Nappy Roots, Project Pat and Khia.

“The album has been a long time coming. You’ve got your whole life to work on your first album so it’s definitely special. I titled the album ‘Sheba 4 President’ because what I’m trying to do is something that has never been done in hip hop and it’s certainly comparable to the plight of Barack Obama, becoming the nation’s first black president. With this album I’m letting the women in hip hop, female rappers especially, know that yes we can too! Most of the female emcees that have come before me have had to choose between being sexy and being a respected lyricist. I plan to walk that fine line between the two and change the world doing it.”

Sheba Shane’s first official solo release, a mixtape entitled “Sheba, Baby Vol. 1” was released Summer 2010 and is getting great reviews. The single from the mixtape “Oh Yeah” featuring Ron Clutch has been featured on B96.5 in Louisville and received regional play around the club scene. The mixtape also features Smoke E. Diggerla of Playa fame, and one of XXL’s Freshmen of the Year 2010 Pill to name a few.

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