Shunda K (feat. Snax) – It’s Time To Get Paid

Uploaded by FanaticPromotion on Oct 4, 2011
The second official video from Shunda K’s solo debut album, “The Most Wanted”.

Filmed, directed and edited by Robin Thomson.

Special Guests:

On coat check: Peaches
At the door and Go-Go Pole: Prix

Filmed on location in Berlin at Netto Grocery Store and Monster Ronson’s Ichiban Karaoke Nightclub.

Special Thanks To: Cindy Wonderful and Ron at Monster Ronson’s.

The Song:

“It’s Time To Get Paid” (feat. Snax).
Written by: Lashunda Flowers and Snax.
Produced by: Snax at Hollywood Nails-Berlin.
Mixed by: Snax at Hollywood Nails-Berlin.
C+P 2011 Fanatic Records.

Buy It:
Buy It:

Also check out the “It’s Time To Get Paid” remix by DJ Dickey Doo:

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