Nikko Dator – Lil Crazed Round 10 Cypher

Uploaded by LoVisibility on Feb 25, 2011
Download “Pre-Vision”, The mixtape before the mixtape.

Here is my verse/part for Lil Crazed’s K.I.D. Cypher Round 10! Beat produced by Mike Kalombo. It was an honor being a part of this; rapping alongside Crazed, his team, & Mike. Word up to the fam @ K.I.D. & my brother Crazed for having me. It was pleasure!

Filmed by Johnnylace

Swag God got ya’ bitches acting intimate
Hand ’em all a shovel ’cause I swear this bitches diggin’ me
Fuck what you heard, boy you should put a dick in it
I’m sick of this, I ball like I pretty much invented it
Lo Vis capo, side head honcho
Bang like congos, damn what a combo
Catch me in the Lambo w/ Mikey Kalombo
& Lil Crazed said he got hoes in the condo
Watch me put it down now, you gon touch the ground OW
You gon hear me EVERYWHERE; boy my shit surround sound
Hurt ’em, murk ’em, fuck ’em if they virgins
& Watch me block ya’ shine like blinds do w/ the curtains
Can you hear me? I’m speaking through the megaphone
None of you are saying shit; All I hear is reggae tone
Wife snatcher, you’ll prolly see her after
While I have these other rappers sound annoying like baby moans

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