Tristam & PBat – The Ruler

Published on May 25, 2012 by PaperBatVG
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Picture Artist:!/ElizabethBeals



The world is in your hands
Millions of men at your command
Where do you go, what do you do
When the whole world follows you
The only question that remains

Now you have all you’ve ever wanted
There’s nothing left to obtain
and you will be forever haunted
by all the people you have slain

It never was about the money
you simply had to many plans
you’d always dreamed about the glory
of being ruler of our lands


Whatchu’ know about being The Ruler
With the Champs on the track it be 20% Cooler
And with an army riding under your wing
We’re gonna fight, gonna swing, cause it’s change we’re gonna bring

Overcoming any obstacle in our way
I’ll be this worlds Miyagi, yeah I’ll be your Sensai
Every person on this planet under one command
This is where we fight, it’s where we stand

Cuz no matter what your Age, Race or Religion is
Let’s hear a round of Applause, cause we fightin’ for one cause
and we Don’t, Stop, until we get it
So if there’s no raising the bar then at least you’ve gotta set it

As we March, Through, the dark of the night
The hope of mankind is the one and only light
and if you See, The World, through my eyes
Surely you’ll realize we’ve obtained our prize cause we the rulers.

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