Auburn – Perfect Two

Auburn - Perfect Two Published on Jun 19, 2012 by CallMeAuburn
A Note For You:
Finally after a lll this waiting, here is the first official Video for Perfect Two, while not expressed with my “Actual” real love, the videos essence is simple, and holds a great amount of respectful intimate beauty. Acted out by myself and my good friend Steph Jones.
While I love this Video and its amazing visuals, I do plan on releasing a second. We all know how I feel about this song, what it means to me. So i want the same for the video, A video a lot more raw, and a lot more real; One that fits me perfectly, showing something almost identical to the reality of both myself and my Real Love brought to life. We know my taste, likes, weirdness, and I want to show it. After all its only fair you get to see what its like, me with my perfect half. That way, the realness of the song, and the video, can be portrayed one in the same.
Im telling this to you so you can expect it, something beautiful. ….A second version, a realer version.

Enjoy Version One!
xo, Auburn

Special Thanks to The Outliers
Directed and Edited by William Tiki, The Outliers
Makeup: Dusty Starks
Hair: Niecy
Leading Role: Steph Jones

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