Jay-Z & Kanye West – Ni**as In Paris (Parody) – ACTORS FROM PARIS

Published on Jun 11, 2012 by suburbanhomeboy

http://www.SmoothE.tv – In the sequel to the Oscar-sweeping film, “The Artist,” George and Peppy become hip-hop artists and search for the perfect crepe.

Written, produced and performed by Eric Schwartz aka Smooth-E

Executive Producer – Eric Schwartz
Director/Editor – Ron Eigen (http://www.roneigen.com)
Artistic Director/Makeup – Desiree V. Castro
DP – Cooper Dunn

Eric Schwartz – George
Samantha Gutstadt – Peppy
Karina Van Leuven – Hot Flapper
Ben Zelevansky – Al Zimmer
…and introducing Wilson as the dog!

Special thanks to Andres Del Sol, Russell Weissman and the rest of the Maker Studios family!

Jay-Z & Kanye West - Ni**as In Paris (Parody) - ACTORS FROM PARIS

So bourgeois in black and white
Name in lights
Cuz I come to America and win the Oscar
On ze first try
(So bourgeois) a Frances
You don’t know how to ballet
Would I like a lap dance? Oui, si vous plait
(So bourgeois) I am prepared
The Euro is worth more here
(So bourgeois) It’s so cheap here
It’s like Greece here
Visa to be here from Michel
Take your pick, Foucault, Gondry, Hazanavicius
(So bourgeois), un croissant
get over it, we smoke a lot
You want a non-smoking section? It’s called England
(So bourgeois) parlez vous,
You don’t eat snail? What’s wrong with you?
We don’t hate American. We just think we’re better than you
(So bourgeois) Le beret
Mustache, cafe au lait
Rendez vous, deja vu, Tour de France, Cirque du Soliel
We give you the Statue of Liberty and ze buffet
And you disrespect it, when you have crepe!

(So bourgeois) In black and white
Zat’s no crepe
Zat’s no crepe
Zat’s a crepe

(So bourgeois) In black and white
Zat’s no crepe
How you say…?
Zat’s a crepe

When ze lady want to go to the spa
Do ze nail, but leave the hair under ze arm
Real women smell like foie gras
voulez vous coucher avec moi (ce soir)
(So bourgeois) That’s a crepe, je voudre?
(So bourgeois) What she order, prix fixe, ay? (pre- fix, ay?)
My crepe is cold cold, make me sick
Bring me another with a tub of Nutella and make it quick
Out in France, we drink wine
Legal age to drink is nine
If you’re a man, cheat on your wife
She don’t mind
Strauss-Kahn did it wrong if you ask me
I only love a woman if she look like Amelie
It’s souflet, not “souflet”
Buffet, not “bu-fet”
Why can’t you get it?
You don’t drive a “Chev-ro-let”
Madamoisella, would you bring moremore Nutella
I’m an actor from Paris
A la mode like vanilla, huh!
“Perfect! Can you give me just one more?”
“With pleasure”

(So bourgeois) In black and white
Zat’s no crepe
Zat’s no crepe
Zat’s a crepe